Bartingale Mechanical is Western Wisconsin’s Leading Provider of Building Automation and Temperature Control Systems

Bartingale Mechanical installs and services a variety of electronic, pneumatic and digital controls. We have a design staff available to help with your temperature control needs. Our technicians have years of experience and factory training. We work on Johnson Controls, Barber Coleman, Trane, Robertshaw, Honeywell, and Powers (Siemens) temperature controls.

Bartingale Mechanical is an factory authorized distributor for the Siemens/Talon line of digital controls, building automation systems, and variable frequency drives. We are certified to provide the Niagara AX integration platform and have successfully implemented open protocol systems in multiple customer sites successfully integrating our competitor’s systems into one easy to manage system. We are fully committed to being the areas leader in providing, implementing, and maintaining open platform building automation systems for new and existing buildings.

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Bartingale Control Technicians

More about Siemen’s TALON Controls

The TALON System is the Best Total Package Open Protocol Building Control System The TALON® system gives you all the advantages of a truly open system – optimized for HVAC control and building automation. With the flexibility to integrate LonWorks®, BACnet®, Modbus® and other communication protocols. Open systems means controllers and applications run on a single platform, while interoperating with each other. No matter if those products come from different manufacturers, the TALON system presents a consistent interface to the user.With the TALON system you can:

Access Building Information from Anywhere -The TALON system’s versatile user interface allows any authorized users to control their building environment from a Web browser or wireless Web device.

Control Energy Costs-You can actively manage your facility’s energy consumption while maintaining an optimum work environment for building occupants.

Optimize Manpower -Email and pager equipment status alerts allow you to maximize fast response and minimize effort used managing building system information.

Preserve Legacy System Investments-The TALON control system has control system migration options to eliminate the need to replace already-installed controls.

A Complete System Makes All the Difference The TALON® system architecture offers unmatched configuration flexibility with a wide range of controllers, network managers and user interface options. A system can use multiple Network Managers, 3rd party LonMark device integration, an optional Workstation, and remote Internet and wireless Web access. With an open protocol system, control options are limitless. TALON system products collectively work together to create a flexible and full featured solution. Learn more about the products that play a key role in the building control system.